Pro Bono Program

As part of our commitment to bring justice to Ventura County’s most vulnerable residents, VCLA is committed to connecting attorneys with those in need. If you are searching for a Pro Bono attorney to advise you, or take on a portion of your matter in a limited scope, please take a look at our guidelines and apply below:

Open Case in Ventura County? Apply below
Ventura County resident seeking advice? Apply below
Case outside of Ventura County? Please contact your local legal aid office


Case is Meritorious

  • What makes a case meritorious? Determined by criteria below and further determined by Attorney assigned to assess case.


Requestor resides in Ventura County, CA and there is a case, or issue in Ventura County or VC Superior Court.


Requestor meet’s income requirements and does not otherwise have assets that would warrant hiring a private attorney.

  • You receive public assistance under one or more of the following programs:
    • Cal Works/TANF (formerly AFDC)
    • County/ General Relief
    • Food Stamps
    • Medi-Cal
    • SSI ( Suppl. Sec. Income)
    • SSP (State Suppl. Payments)
    • You meet the requirements of the Ventura County Superior Court’s Fee Waiver program
  • or
    • Your gross (before deductions for taxes) monthly household income is not more than the following amount: Federal Poverty Guidelines – Monthly Income

The PBP does not extend to the following legal areas:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Child Support Request
  • District Attorney Child Recovery Unit
  • District Attorney’s Consumer Fraud Division
  • Child Protective Service or Children & Family Services Issues
  • Criminal Defense
  • Non-Legal Financial Issues / Debt Account Sold to new Creditor
  • Not enough time to find an attorney
    • Time between the request and their court appearance is too short
  • Out of County or State Matters
  • Real Estate Fraud (recommend the Ventura County Bar Association)
  • Small Claim cases (VC Civil Self-Help Center to file, or get advice on case at next legal clinic)
  • Moot issues, issues that are not ripe, and issues where the requestor is not a party to the action or a qualifying immediate family member.

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